hi my names juliet

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1) Where are you from?
- Middleburg Heights, Ohio

2) Where would you rather be?
- With my boyfriend, or in Disneyland with the Komars 

3) Cookies, pie, candy, or ice cream?
- homemade chocolate chip cookies

4) Android or iPhone?
- i guess android.

5) Pet Peeves?
- two faced people, geez that sounds really high school 

6) Write something?
- work just called me to tell me that i didnt have to come in if i didnt want to but id said i do it anyway

7) What is your favorite article of clothing?
- the pink yoga pants that i borrowed from Dana that I really do not want to give back 

8) What is one major goal you currently have set for yourself?
- get really awesome grades this year so colleges will want me 

9) Cats or dogs?
- uhm is this even a question? CATS 

10) Crayons or color pencils?
- i like color pencils because its easier to trace the details with in my disney coloring book 

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